Smart Drawdown 2.0

Smart Drawdown is here. With brand new rules and conditions to provide even more room for traders. Once you have made a 5% gain your drawdown will now make a one-time move to -5%. 

This will give traders more room to breathe and will provide a more advantageous trading experience.

This works similarly to normal Trailing Drawdown firms, our drawdown updates to -5%, then does not move from here. This allows us to offer better prices and conditions such as no time limits on challenges, allowing you to relax, and not feel pressured on any of our challenges!

In contrast to other trailing drawdown firms that utilise a -5% or -6% drawdown strategy, our Smart Drawdown employs a more conservative -10% drawdown threshold. This threshold is maintained until our clients have achieved significant profit, at which point the drawdown level will shift once.

Smart Drawdown operates in a unique way: once a trader reaches an balance gain of 5% or more, our system will automatically update their drawdown to -5%, and it will remain at this level. This means that traders can continue to trade freely, without worrying about their drawdown percentage increasing beyond -5%.

Once your Drawdown has updated it will then never move from here, unless you scale your account. At this point, your drawdown will be updated to -5% of your new scaled balance, excluding any profits.

Smart Drawdown updates based on your account balance. The maximum drawdown threshold is calculated from your account’s equity, as is the industry standard.

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