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Monthly Stats: May Edition

Let’s wrap up this month and celebrate the achievements of our community. Here are all the great things Instant Funding traders did in May! 

$389,521 paid out in May! Going strong 💪 

Top countries by payouts: 

  1. United States
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Germany
  5. Netherlands

Consistency royalty

Top-3 traders who got the most payouts this month: 

Wing Kit, Hong Kong – 9 payouts

Fadi, France – 8 payouts

Emerson, Brazil – 6 payouts


Top-5 Paid Traders in April 

George, Netherlands – $15,447

Zakaria, Morocco – $14,800

Stefano, Italy – $10,775

Mohammedi, Algeria – $9,100

Aj, Australia – $8,700

Everyone’s favorite

The most profitable instrument is… XAUUSD with over 300,000 trades completed, who would’ve thought? 

The road so far…In May you have completed 685,396 trades! 54,148 of them were crypto trades. To the moon! 🚀

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