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Instant Funding

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From Traders To Traders.

Your Trades, Our Capital.

Here at Instant Funding, we take pride in offering the best service possible to our traders, constantly innovating and developing in the Forex space.

For example, our innovative dashboard, your all in one trading hub. View account analytics, view your challenges, request payouts and so much more. Never miss a trade again.

Our team are always looking for ways to improve our Models and Challenges to help make the funding process easier for our traders.

Why instant funding

We take an innovative funding approach, focusing on what is best for our traders; while offering the best support, funding models, conditions and more.


Our user-friendly dashboard, the best way to view trading insights and request payouts.

UK Based Company

We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty, giving our traders the support they need.

Reliable Partners

We are partnered with Eightcap, one of the industries best, to give traders the security and confidence they deserve.  

$2.5m Per Trader

Scale your way to the top! Manage up to 2.5 Million Dollars as an Instant Funding Funded Trader.

Who are we?

Instant Funding is a UK based prop-firm. We launched in June, 2022. We have now successfully funded over 1,000 traders.

We started by offering only Instant Funding accounts, with no challenges and no verification phases, while this is still a core offering at Instant Funding, we have grown, to provide what traders want and need. This is where our challenge models have derived from. Traders want large capital at a lower cost, and an easier challenge, so we listened. And this is how our Smart Drawdown challenges started.

Your Trades, Our Capital.

Take control of your trading, with Instant Fundings wide range of Funding Models and Challenges, built for all different types of trades. 

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