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Instant Funding Program

Instant Funding program is at the core of our firm. We offer Three different types of accounts. Smart which is using our all new Smart Drawdown technology, this has the fastest scaling plan, allowing traders to scale any account to $1.25m, and keep profits simultaneously. 

How it Works

Receiving an account

No challenge or verification phases, you are good to go from day one, with a lower profit split that scales and you prove your consistency. Remember to take advantage of our fast scaling plan on your account. Our Instant Accounts have three models to choose from.

The Scaling Phase


On our Smart Instant Funding Model, you can unlock a 90% profit split after a 20% gain. The account is also eligible for scaling with every 10% you make. You can Double the account each scale up to $1,250,000.

Smart Instant Funding Details


This Challenge uses our Smart Drawdown. Starting at 10% Drawdown

Daily Drawdown
No Limit

We have no Daily Drawdown limits on any of our Instant Funding Models

Scale Target

Every time you achieve a 10% gain you are eligible for an account scale. This will double your account in size up to $1.25m

7 days

You are eligible for your first payout after 14 days. Subsequent payouts are every 7 days

Account Sizes

Instant Funding
Smart Drawdown
Daily Drawdown
Min/Max Time
No Limit
Profit Split
70% (up to 90%)

What our traders are saying

Great experience!

Recently received my first payout through Deel, very straightforward! Fast and friendly customer support! A really great experience, thank you Instant Funding! 

Fast reaction for support and fast payments

Fast reaction for support. I decided to first do a payout before scaling my account. Patrick was very helpful and also wants to help me with thinking about scaling. Payment goes through and is overall really fast.

Fantastic Support right from the start

Fantastic support at any time of the day, easy to contact and resolve issues,
Fast scaling times and no hassle with withdrawals

Why Instant Funding?

Instant Account Delivery

Our Dashboard will deliver your account within seconds. You'll also have instant feedback on your accounts performance

No time Limits. Ever

Our Challenges and Instant models, built with the trader in mind. Feel the benefit of no time limit on any of your challenges

Trusted and Regulated broker

We're partnered with ThinkMarkets, an award-winning international broker. Fast Execution and Low Spreads

Friendly Models

All of our models are build to be better. Better pricing, better leverage, better conditions

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