Monthly stats: June edition

Dear trader, 

With birthday celebrations and the launch of the biggest update in our history, June flew by so fast that it almost felt like we invented a time machine and traveled through the month faster than the speed of light. Impossible? This month’s stats confirm yet again that at Instant Funding, making the impossible possible is pretty much routine.

Here’s everything we achieved together as a community this June, swipe through the images, and join the end of the month discussion on Discord (

$278,181 paid out in June! Another step closer to our goal of $10,000,000 by the end of this year!

Top countries by payouts: 

  1. India
  2. Czechia 
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Italy 
  5. France

Consistency royalty: top-6 traders who got the most payouts this month:

Manikandan and Kay with 6 payouts

Emerson, Ali, Mohamed and Anna with 4 payouts

Overachievers: top-5 Paid Traders in April

Pavla, Czechia – $8,193

Tomas, Czechia – $8,040

Mateusz, Poland – $7,567

Andrea, Italy – $6,713

Amit, India – $6,217

The road so far…

This June you have completed 562,759 trades! 37,715 ‌of them were crypto trades. The most active platform? cTrader with 219,717 trades completed. To the moon! 🚀

Thank you for sharing this journey with us, here’s to even greater achievements next month! 🥂

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