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Can I Hold Overnight?

Holding trades overnight is permissible, but traders should be mindful of unfavourable market conditions that may arise during market rollovers. We caution against trading during such periods, as liquidity on all pairs is diminished, and the spreads will likely be affected negatively, thereby negatively impacting our traders and us.  

Please note that we will not refund any losses resulting from widened spreads and slippages. Therefore, traders must assess the risks involved and exercise caution when holding trades overnight, especially during market rollovers.

Please be aware of holding trades overnight on a Wednesday, Triple swaps on Wednesdays occur in the financial industry as a result of the settlement process for certain financial instruments. The swap is an interest rate differential between two currencies in a Forex trade or the cost of holding a position overnight.

Crypto Swaps:

So for all cryptocurrencies, the pip value is in $ therefore the swap reference is always in USD.

An example for BTC:

Lots * 8% for longs for example/100/360

Therefore on a long position, 8/100/360 = 2.22 per day for 1 lot

And on a short position, 16/100/360 = 4.44 per day for 1 lot

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