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What Instruments Do You Have?

Here is a list of the Instruments we allow to be traded with us. Note: MetaTrader 5 has more than MetaTrader 4.

Forex Major X #

EURCADx Euro vs Canadian Dollar

CADJPYx Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen

CHFJPYx Swiss Frank Japanese Yen

EURCHFx Euro vs Swiss Franc

EURGBPx Euro vs Great British Pound

EURJPYx Euro vs Japanese Yen

EURUSDx Euro vs US Dollar

GBPCADx Great British Pound vs Canadian Dollar

GBPCHFx Great British Pound vs Swiss Franc

GBPJPYx Great British Pound vs Japanese Yen

GBPUSDx Great British Pound vs US Dollar

USDCADx US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar

USDCHFx US Dollar vs Swiss Franc

USDJPYx US Dollar vs Japanese Yen

Forex Minor X #

AUDCADx Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar

AUDCHFx Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc

AUDJPYx Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen

AUDNZDx Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar

AUDUSDx Australian Dollar vs US Dollar

CADCHFx Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc

EURAUDx Euro vs Australian Dollar

EURNOKx Euro vs Norwegian Krone

EURNZDx Euro vs New Zealand Dollar

USDSEKx US Dollar vs Swedish Kroner 

USDSGDx US Dollar vs Singapore Dollar 

GBPAUDx Great Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar 

GBPNZDx Great Britain Pound vs New Zealand Dollar 

NZDCADx New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar 

NZDCHEx New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc 

NZDJPYx New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen 

NZDUSDx New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar

USDNOKx US Dollar vs Norweigan Krone

USDSEKx US Dollar vs Swedish Krona

USDSGDx US Dollar vs Singapore Dollar

Forex Exotic X #

EURHUFx Euro vs Hungarian Forint

USDBRLx Mini Dollar – US Dollar vs Brazilian Real

USDCHNx US Dollar vs Chinese Yuan

USDHUFx US Dollar vs Hungarian Forint

USDMXNx US Dollar vs Mexican Peso

USDTRYx US Dollar vs Turkish Lira

EURTRYx Euro vs Turkish Lira

USDZARx US Dollar vs South African Rand

EURCZKx Euro vs Czech Koruna

EURPLNx Euro vs Polish Zloty

EURZARx Euro vs South African Rand

GBPZARx Great British Pound vs South African Rand

Metals #

XAGUSDx Silver – US Dollar

XAUUSDx Gold – US Dollar

XAUEURx Gold – Euro

Commodities #

WTI US Crude Oil (1 Lot = 100 Barrels)

BRENT Brent Crude Oil 1 Lot = 100 Barrels)

Major Indices #

AUS200 Australian 200 Index

ESTX500 Euro Stoxx 50 Index

FRA40 French CAC 40 Index

GER40 German DAX 40 Index

UK100 UK 100 FTSE Index

JPN225 Japan Nikkei 225 Index (1 Lot = 100 Indices)

NAS100 Nasdaq 100 Index

SPX500 US S&P 500 Index (1Lot = 10 Indices)

US30 Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

Minor Indices #

CHINA50 China A50 Index

HK50 Hong Kong HS50 Index

SPAIN35 Spain 35 IBEX Index

USDINDEX US Dollar Index (1 Lot = 100 Indices)

VIX Volatility Index Spot

US2000 Russel Mid Cap 2000 Index

TAIEX FTSE Taiwan RIC Capped Index

Crypto MT4/5 #

BTCUSD Bitcoin 1 Lot = 1 BTC

ETHUSD Ethereum 1 Lot = 1 ETH

LTCUSD LiteCoin 1 Lot = 1 LTC

BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash 1 Lot = 1 BCH

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