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More Details on “Gambling”

InstantFunding is a Proprietary Trading firm for traders. Gambling is hard to define when trading due to the variety of strategies out there. However, as a proprietary trading firm, our

Maximum Number of Accounts

We have no maximum number of accounts. Please see ‘Maximum Allocation’ for the maximum allocation per trader. 

Prohibited Strategies

We are committed to supporting our traders and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in the market. That is why we welcome different trading approaches, including automated trading tools

Maximum Allocation

The Maximum Allocation per trader is currently $2,500,000. Although you can apply for an increase in this by contacting us via email. To apply for this you must have more than $2,000,000 in allocation

Can I Hold Positions Over the Weekend?

You can hold trades over the weekend. By default all traders should close positions 1 hour before market close, our system will automatically close these half an hour before market

Can I Hold Overnight?

Holding trades overnight is permissible, but traders should be mindful of unfavourable market conditions that may arise during market rollovers. We caution against trading during such periods, as liquidity on

Can I Trade News?

You are allowed to trade any news events on your account throughout Phase-1 and Phase-2 of the challenge. However, if you intend to trade news events on Instant Funding accounts,

Two-Phase Challenge / Funded Rules

Account Type: Two-Phase Challenge   Profit Target: 8% and 5%   Daily Loss Limit: 5% (Can be removed after your first payout if requested, account must be 60 days old)   Maximum Loss

One-Phase Challenge / Funded Rules

Account Type: One-Phase Challenge   Profit Target: 10%   Daily Loss Limit: 3% (Can be removed after your first payout if requested, account must be 60 days old)   Maximum Loss Limit: 10%

Instant Funding Smart Account Rules

Account Type: No Challenges   Profit Target: No Target   Daily Loss Limit: No Limit   Maximum Loss Limit: 10% (Smart Drawdown)  Time Limit: No Limit   Scale Target: 10%  Scale Speed: x2 (Double

What Instruments Do You Have?

Here is a list of the Instruments we allow to be traded with us. Note: MetaTrader 5 has more than MetaTrader 4. Forex Major X EURCADx Euro vs Canadian Dollar

How Do I Track the Objectives/Rules?

You can monitor this all through our Dashboard! – This is our Dashboard where you can take all different types of challenges or set up Instant Funding accounts in seconds!

What’s Your Leverage?

Our leverage on Smart (One & Two-Phase) Challenge Accounts: Our Leverage on Instant (Smart & Conventional) Accounts:

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