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We offer you the opportunity to scale your account to increase your potential profits. To be eligible for scaling, you must first achieve a minimum of 10% gain on your

Smart Drawdown

What is Drawdown? A Drawdown refers to how much an investment or trading account is down from the peak before it recovers back to the peak. Drawdowns are typically quoted as

Smart Accounts: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Smart Drawdown Please familiarise yourself with how our smart drawdown works here: This works similarly to normal Trailing Drawdown firms, our drawdown updates to -5% of your starting balance, this

Account Security

Please bear in mind your account security is your sole responsibility. Instant Funding does not take responsibility for the security of your account password. Please refrain from sharing your account

Keywords FAQ

Drawdown: Maximum amount you can lose (typically as a percentage). EG. 10% Drawdown. This means you can lose up to 10% before your account will breach. Daily Loss Limit: This

Do We Allow Martingale?

Martingale is where you have one position open, you open a position on the same instrument in the opposite way that is larger than the original. E.g. If you open

Profit Split Scaling

All smart accounts we provide are eligible for a 90% profit split, once an overall gain of 20% has been made. Provided you placed your first trade at least 60

Where Can I Leave a Customer Review?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave your feedback and share your experience with us by posting a review on our Trustpilot page. We greatly

Withdrawals (Payouts)

Your first payout is 14 days after your first trade, after your first payout this is reduced to every 7 days (again, after your next placed trade). We understand that

Trading Spreads, Commissions, and Fees

We have partnered with ThinkMarkets to ensure that our trading costs are among the most competitive in the market. We understand that traders are always looking for ways to optimize their

Am I Able to Take Hedging Positions?

You have the freedom to open long and short positions simultaneously on the same market with our platform. However, engaging in tactics, where you take opposite positions on multiple accounts,

Identity Checks (KYC)

You will have to verify once you reach the payout stage. This will only become available once you reach the payout stage. In order to make your payout, we will

Is Copy Trading Allowed?

Provided the trades are yours, copying to one of our immediate accounts from one external account is acceptable. However, copying to multiple instant accounts is not permitted.  Please keep in

Can I Retry My Account?

If a trader fails to pass the challenge, they will have the option to reset their evaluation at a discounted price.  If you lose an Instant Funding account you will

Will I Pay Tax on My Earnings?

Traders operate as Contractors and it is down to the trader to seek legal advice regarding taxes.  We are not an accountancy firm and take no responsibility for your taxes.

How Daily Loss Is Calculated

The Daily Loss Limit is 5% on Two-Phase or 3% on One-Phase. As an account rolls past midnight (MetaTrader server time), the Daily Loss Limit is calculated for the day.

Do We Put All Traders on the Live Market?

Our risk management systems may choose to hedge a portion or all of their trades to mitigate potential losses, as we see fit. Additionally, we may occasionally choose to put

How Do You Show Good Risk Management?

Traders who successfully achieve their evaluation’s profit target must undergo an assessment of their trades by our risk management team before being granted a trading account. If any evidence of

How to Add “X” Instruments on MT

Why do your Forex pairs end with “x”? What Spreads do you use? Do also note that we use Think Market’s raw spreads, which have a different instrument directory.  If you

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