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We offer you the opportunity to scale your account to increase your potential profits. To be eligible for scaling, you must first achieve a minimum of 10% gain on your account. 

Scaling involves utilizing 5% of the account’s starting balance, while the remaining profit is yours to keep. This allows you to continue growing your account while minimizing risk. 

For example, on a $100,000 account. If you make a 10% gain ($10,000) you can scale your account to $200,000. When scaling, we use 5% of the 10% gain in your account. In this example, $5,000 would be used to scale and the remaining profit is yours to keep.

You can scale your account via the button on your dashboard. If your account is eligible and all trades are closed this will appear on your home screen.

Smart account holders are able to scale up to $1,250,000, providing ample room for potential growth. Conventional account holders can also benefit from scaling, with the ability to scale up to five times their initial balance. 

We highly recommend watching our informative scaling video for more detailed information on how to apply and maximize the benefits of scaling. 

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