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Frequently Asked Questions


Scaling with Static Drawdown #

Can I increase my balance?

Yes. You can increase your balance up to 100% of your original starting balance.

How does scaling work?

It’s simple, you need to increase your balance by at least 10% over a 90-day period.

Contact Support.

Once you’ve achieved this growth and 90 days (or more) have passed, email our support team to confirm your increase by contacting Subject “Scaling Request”, be sure to attach your Account ID, and confirm you have made a 10%, or more, gain, and that your account is at least 90 days old.

Get your 25% increase.

That’s it! Once verified by our team, we will take your starting balance, deposit 25% of this value to your account. 

You can enjoy trading a much larger account at no additional cost!

Repeat Every 90 Days: You can do this process every 90 days to gradually increase your balance, up to double its original size.


Starting Balance: $100,000

After 90 Days: You make a 12% increase (From $100,000 to $112,000).

Email Support: You contact support and get verified.

Balance Increase: We add $25,000 to your account starting balance (25% of your original $100,000).

New Balance: $125,000 + $12,000 profit = $137,000.

You can repeat this process every 90 days, increasing your Starting Balance each time, until it has doubled from the original amount.

Scaling with Smart Drawdown #

We offer you the opportunity to scale your account to increase your potential profits. To be eligible for scaling, you must first achieve a minimum of 10% gain on your account. 

Scaling involves utilizing 5% of the account’s starting balance, while the remaining profit is yours to keep. This allows you to continue growing your account while minimizing risk. 

For example, on a $100,000 account. If you make a 10% gain ($10,000) you can scale your account to $200,000. When scaling, we use 5% of the 10% gain in your account. In this example, $5,000 would be used to scale and the remaining profit is yours to keep.

You can scale your account via the button on your dashboard. If your account is eligible and all trades are closed this will appear on your home screen.

Smart account holders are able to scale up to $1,600,000 (Challenge) & $1,280,000 (Instant) or provide ample room for potential growth.

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Please note that all accounts we provide to our clients are demo accounts with fictitious funds, and any trading is in a simulated environment only. For more information, please feel free to visit our FAQ section. Ok, I understand