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Account Security

Please bear in mind your account security is your sole responsibility. Instant Funding does not take responsibility for the security of your account password.

Please refrain from sharing your account details with anybody. If you need to do this, you can use the Investor password to do so. Please contact the team if you would like this changed (we can only change this once every 30 days).

In the event that your account password is compromised, please contact the team and we will change this for you. Passwords can only be changed once every 30 days, so please keep this safe and do not share it with anybody.

Am I Able to Change from MT4 to MT5 or Vice Versa?

If you’re considering creating a new account, rest assured that it’s entirely possible with our platform. However, please keep in mind that this process involves closing your existing account and opening a new one, which incurs additional costs due to our broker’s charges for each trading account creation. There is a $20 fee to swap platforms. 

Alternatively, if you finish Phase 1 for example, and you have not yet had your Phase 2 or Instant Funding account credentials, you can email us and we can swap your platform before your account upgrade, this way we can avoid the fee for you.

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