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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Copy Trading Allowed?

What is copy trading at Instant Funding? #

Copy trading at Instant Funding enables traders to replicate trades from their own actively traded accounts, whether they are personal accounts with other prop firms, retail brokers, or other external/internal sources. This feature allows traders to mirror their own trading strategies across different accounts within Instant Funding, for example. You can now use one strategy and trade this on a $1,250 instant funding account and a $100,000 challenge.

Can I copy trade from my personal account with another prop firm or retail broker to my account at Instant Funding? #

Yes, at Instant Funding, you are allowed to copy trade from your personal account with another prop firm, retail broker, or any external/internal source to your account with us. This allows you to integrate trading strategies effectively across different platforms/accounts without any issues.

Are there any restrictions on copy trading at Instant Funding? #

Yes, copy trading between accounts not owned by the same individual (including relatives and friends) is not permitted at Instant Funding. All accounts using the same strategy must be your own accounts.

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Please note that all accounts we provide to our clients are demo accounts with fictitious funds, and any trading is in a simulated environment only. For more information, please feel free to visit our FAQ section. Ok, I understand