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Frequently Asked Questions

How to view the instrument information in DXtrade

To access instrument information in DXtrade:

Open the DXtrade Platform:

Log in and access the trading platform.

Navigate to the Trading Panel or Instruments Window:

Find the panel or window for managing trading instruments.

Search for the Instrument:

Use the search bar or scroll to find the desired instrument.

Right-Click on the Instrument:

Right-click on the instrument symbol to open a menu.

Select ‘Instrument Info’ or Similar:

Choose ‘Instrument Info’ or ‘Instrument Details’ for comprehensive information.

Alternatively, Click on the Instrument:

Click directly on the instrument symbol for some platforms.

View Instrument Information:

Explore the window or panel displaying details about the instrument.

Close the Instrument Info Window:

Close the window or panel after reviewing the information.

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