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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download and use

How do I place a trade in cTrader?

There are a few ways this can be achieved. The Red highlights below indicate the “New Order” buttons which can be used to open a trade. You can Drag in

How do I view symbol specifications in cTrader?

In order to check the specifications for all symbols (e.g. Trading Hours, Maximum Lot, Trading Holidays, Market Depth, etc.) you must enable the “Active Symbol Panel” which is highlighted (in

How do I switch accounts inside cTrader?

Navigate to the top right-hand corner of the screen where your current account number is displayed. Press the small arrow on the furthest to the right. This will open a

How to Log In to cTrader

If you already have a cTrader account with the email you used for your purchase If you do not have a cTrader account associated with your email Checkout with cTrader

DXtrade Overview

DXtrade, developed by Devexperts, is a trading platform seamlessly integrated into all challenges and instant simulated-funding programs. Currently, DXtrade does not have a mobile app for account connectivity, but we’re

How to log into DXtrade

Upon purchasing an account, users will receive an email containing login instructions: Please note: DX operates through a web-based interface, eliminating the need for a direct application download. To access

How to place a trade in DXtrade

Discover easy trade placement methods on DXtrade: Method 1: Trading Directly from the Chart Method 2: Using the Watch List Method 3: Buy and Sell Buttons Method 4: One-Click Trading

How to customize watchlists in DXtrade

Explore the watchlist feature in DXtrade: Default Watchlist and Creating Your Own: Linking Watchlists to Other Applications: One-Click Trading for Instant Market Orders: Customizing Columns: Advanced Watchlist Features: Organizing and

How to modify a position in DXtrade

To adjust a position in DXtrade: Navigate to the Positions Tab: Identify the Position to Modify: Right-Click on the Position: Select ‘Modify Position’: Adjust Trade Parameters: Confirm Changes: Submit Changes:

How to partially close a trade on DXtrade

To take partial profits in DXtrade: Open the DXtrade Platform: Log in and launch the trading platform. Navigate to the Positions Tab: Find the Positions tab displaying your open positions.

How to use RISE?

Receiving Your Invitation: After your Payout or Challenge verification, our team will send you an invitation to join Rise. You’ll find this invite in your email. Accepting the Invitation: Click

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Please note that all accounts we provide to our clients are demo accounts with fictitious funds, and any trading is in a simulated environment only. For more information, please feel free to visit our FAQ section. Ok, I understand