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Frequently Asked Questions

Withdrawals (Payouts)

When is my first payout and how frequently can I request payouts?

Your first payout occurs 14 days after your first trade. After your first payout, this interval is reduced to every 7 days, following your next placed trade​​.

What payment methods are available for withdrawals?

We exclusively use RISE for all withdrawals. This platform streamlines the payout process, offering a quick and efficient way for you to access your earnings.

How do I request a payout through Rise?

To request a payout, ensure all trades are closed and Smart Drawdown is locked in. The minimum payout threshold is $25 for all accounts. Submit your request via your dashboard, choosing Rise as the withdrawal method. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and provide your email address. After this is requested, follow the instructions in the email from Rise to create an account and verify your identity. (This will be sent within 24 hours)

How quickly are withdrawal requests processed?

Withdrawal requests are generally processed within 24 business hours from receipt during the working week. Requests made at weekends or during a UK Bank Holiday will be processed on the next working day.


Please be aware if the bank details entered are wrong then you will be charged the swift fees for the transaction to be sent and returned. Please ensure the details are correct to avoid fees. (Only if rejected)


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