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Frequently Asked Questions

How to partially close a trade on DXtrade

To take partial profits in DXtrade:

Open the DXtrade Platform:

Log in and launch the trading platform.

Navigate to the Positions Tab:

Find the Positions tab displaying your open positions.

Identify the Position to Modify:

Locate the specific open position you want to adjust.

Right-Click on the Position:

Right-click on the position to access a menu.

Select ‘Close Position’:

Choose the option to close the position or order.

Locate the Quantity or Volume Field:

Find the field for adjusting the quantity or volume.

Adjust the Quantity:

Modify the quantity to close a portion of the position.

Review and Confirm:

Review the changes for accuracy.

Submit Changes:

Submit or confirm the adjustments.

Receive Confirmation:

Expect a confirmation message after successfully modifying the position.

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